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New Products in the Automotive Industry

New From Sonnax

Inner Stator Race GM-HR-17

Used to convert GM 6L80/6L90, 300mm cores to a 37-tooth internal spline for GM 4L80-E, this Sonnax special high performance inner stator race is made from through-hardened bearing steel for greater wear resistance. It can also be used in GM 258/265/270mm units.

  • 37-Tooth internal spline
  • 2.156" O.D.
  • .875" Length

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Clutch Plate Fastener Kit FD-FN-6K

Ford 6R60/6R75W torque converters contain a captive clutch plate which is riveted to the cover, but the rivets are not usable once the clutch is removed. Featuring high quality welding screws and flanged lock nuts, this specially developed Sonnax clutch plate fastener kit provides an easy and convenient solution to fasten the clutch back onto the cover.

  • Easy Installation
  • No special milling tools required
  • Head diameter sized to fit existing cover counter bore hole

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Ford 6R140 Seals

Sonnax now offers three new fluorocarbon seals to replace worn or damaged seals in Ford 6R140 torque converters. Standard quantity 10/bag.

FD-O-25V FD-O-26V FD-O-27V

Radial Lip Seal FD-O-25V

  • Fluorocarbon seal I.D.
  • Metal case O.D.
  • Fits 1.851" housing bore and 1.554" shaft dia.

Outer Piston Seal FD-O-26V

  • 11.334" O.D.
  • .085" Width
  • .147" Height

Inner Piston Seal FD-O-27V

  • 5.404" O.D.
  • .085" Width
  • 145" Height